Our Top 10 Gift List 2016

Having trouble finding the perfect Christmas gift? Are you buying for the person who seems to have everything? We’ve put together our top 10 gift list from stocking stuffers to gifts that’ll be remembered for a lifetime.


Under $20

10. Pearlescent Dice


Perfect for all game enthusiasts, our dice will give their roll a whole new look. The pearlescent swirls take game night to an art form.

$2.50 to $5 – Crisloid Dice (pair)


9. Roll N Go Backgammon

Black and green roll n go backgammon

Our Roll N Go Backgammon set is the perfect gift for game enthusiasts of all ages. With its light form and compact container, this backgammon set is ready to play wherever life takes you.

$15 – Crisloid Roll ‘N Go Backgammon



8. Pearlescent Doubling Cube


These cubes are a more recent addition to Crisloid’s sets. Give the backgammon player in your life a shiny new doubler sure to update their classic board’s style.

$20 – Crisloid Backgammon Doubling Cube



Under $50

7. Classic Game Night Set

Crisloid Classic Game Night Set

Bring your family together over and over again! A great selection of classic games at a great price. Featuring a two-player cribbage set, Roll N Go Checkers, Roll N One Pocket Golf Game, two cork-lined large oval dice cups with a box of one dozen spot dice, two translucent green 1 1/4″ novelty dice, and a full 1/2 pound of assorted multi-sided dice.

$45 – Crisloid Classic Game Night Set



6. Engraved Cribbage for Three

wooden engraved cribbage board

This beautiful rich toned Cherry Cribbage board has a continuous track made for three players. This cribbage board is perfect for game enthusiasts anywhere; whether it’s the office, on a road trip, on your coffee table, or at your home bar.

$50 – Crisloid Three-Player Engraved Cherry Cribbage



5. Leather Dice Cups Crisloid-Leather-Dice-Cups-web

Our leather dice cups add a touch of class to your game and finesse to your dice throw. Our Standard Leather Dice Cups are the perfect addition to your loved ones’ Tournament or Champion attaché backgammon set. Tabletop backgammon players and dice players of all sorts are raging about our large-and-in-charge leather dice cups, which gives their dice throw a whole new feeling. All of these cups feature a trip-lip, a must-have for competitive gaming.

Want to make it personal? We can engrave your cups to include a name, image, monogram, and more. Send us an inquiry by e-mail.

$50 – Crisloid Standard Leather Dice Cups (pair)
$60 – Crisloid Large Leather Dice Cups (pair)




4. Personalized Dominoes


Our double-six domino sets are one-of-a-kind. This completely handmade 28-piece set includes a custom tile that we can personalize to make it the perfect gift. These domino sets come packaged in the handsome Brooklyn Silver hand-wrapped box with production details about the set’s handcrafting etched into the underside of the box cover. The ivory resin tiles are classically proportioned and polished for smooth gameplay. To ensure their set stays complete, it includes two blank tiles that can be returned and machined to replace any lost pieces.

$175 – Dominoes by Crisloid



3. Anchor Red Tournament Attaché


Our Anchor Red sets are a top choice for those who like a splash of color in their life. Featuring leather cups and a red & black motif, this is a beautiful set to gift to anyone’s home.

$250 – Anchor Red Tournament Attaché Backgammon (shown)
$175 – Anchor Red Travel Backgammon



2. Brooklyn Slate Tournament Attaché


Brooklyn Slate is year-after-year a best seller for Crisloid enthusiasts. This classic neutral-toned backgammon set sure is masculine. Its dark gray exterior shimmers with slight shades of blue depending on the lighting. Black and white marbled checkers and leather cups make this an intimidating backgammon battlefield.

$250 – Brooklyn Slate Tournament Attaché Backgammon



1. Legacy Hops Tournament Attaché

Attache Legacy Hops snakeskin

We all know somebody who only wants the best. This is the backgammon set for them. Our Legacy Hops backgammon set features an olive faux-reptile exterior, a point design unique to the Legacy Series, chestnut leather trip-lip cups, pearl dice and doubling cube, and beautiful red and gold pearl checkers that have been grooved for easy movement.

$400 – Legacy Hops Tournament Attaché Backgammon

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