The Dragon Mah Jong Set

Crisloid dragon red coin mah jong case tiles

Designed by Red Coin. Crafted by Crisloid. Made in USA.

UPDATE: All 100 limited editions have been sold.
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Crisloid has had such a rich history with mahjong. In the past, we’ve created many brands of tiles such as Lowe, Royal, Royal Depth Control, Eastern Distributors and Ten Flowers. It has been fifteen years since our last mahjong set, with our last installment being in 2000.

With such high demand for mahjong, we have received countless requests over the years for the return of Crisloid’s quality mahjong sets. Partnering with Dee Gallo of Red Coin, a crafter of small limited edition sets, we bring you a newly designed set. This is an exciting beginning to a new phase in the age-old Chinese game of mahjong. We look to the past, while nodding to the future.

This is a limited edition run, only 100 sets will be made.

Crisloid mah jong red coin

“Respect the old,
but continue to seek out the new.”

10 thoughts on “The Dragon Mah Jong Set

    • Crisloid Team says:

      There are 160 tiles in the Red Coin/Crisloid mah jong set.
      This number includes 8 jokers (of your choice), 8 flower tiles and 8 prey/capture tiles.

    • Crisloid Team says:

      You can purchase a Crisloid mah jong set right from this website. Please click on the mah jong tab and you will see the Purchase button.

    • Crisloid Team says:

      Katherine, The mah jong tiles are made here in our Providence, RI shop. We use a high quality resin that gets great reviews for its weight and durability.
      The tiles are approximately 1 1/4″ tall x 7/8″ wide x 1/2″ thick.

  1. Michelle Bickler says:

    I just received my Red Dragon set not ten minutes ago. It is gorgeous! So rich and beautiful! Whatever resin the tiles are made of is dark, slightly marbeled , and translucent with smooth edges and has a weighty feel. The tile art is obviously original to this set and symbolic of the joining of the two companies responsible for its creation. As I mentioned in an email to Crisloid: this set will probably be the only piece of numbered ‘art’ that I will ever own.

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