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Crafted from beautiful hardwood cherry harvested in the eastern United States, this high-quality gaming table combined with Crisloid’s handmade checkers and accessories is a gorgeous addition to any home. Our custom design options make it easy to match your style and create a space where family and friends can come together playing a timeless game that doesn’t require a wi-fi connection.

Drawing some inspiration from our Brooklyn days we have designed this table to fit perfectly around our large 2 inch checkers! This is a rare yet very popular checker size and we are huge fans! Crisloid is proud to offer the only Backgammon Table with 2 inch checkers on the market.

Please call or email with any questions.  We will be more than happy to walk you through the process of making this table your own.


Please call or email with any questions

We will be more than happy to walk you through the process of making this table your own.



Length × Width × Height

43.25″ × 27″ × 30″   or   110 cm × 69 cm × 76 cm


35 lbs   or   16 kg

Minor Assembly Required

4 bolts and tool included

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1 review for Newport Master Table

  1. 5 out of 5


    This table is a beautiful addition to my home. I worked with Jimmy throughout the customization process. His recommendations were tasteful and he has a keen attention to detail. We worked together on prototypes for a few weeks before I felt comfortable giving Crisloid the go ahead to start making the table. The table took 7 weeks to arrive, but the wait was well worth it.

    The cork playing field is fantastic. It’s smooth and very well done. The surface provides a quiet, but true dice roll. It’s also relieving that the playing fields can be replaced for an additional cost if ever necessary. This future-proofs your investment. The point design I chose exceeded my expectations. It’s stunning when you see the table in person. I went with the unique point design pictured on Crisloid’s website, but decided on alternating white and dark khaki-brown point colors.

    The 2” checkers are weighty, yet comfortable to manipulate. They’re smooth and glide across the table effortlessly. I chose white marbled and cinnamon pearl (red-brown) checkers. Crisloid had some logistical problems color matching, which is primarily the reason my table took so long to arrive. I believe they have since sorted this out. Regardless, the customer service is excellent.

    The accessories are also high end, as expected. The large dice cups are substantial and comfortable. They have internal plastic, ribbed piping with a trip lip. Unfortunately, the leather isn’t full grain, but still looks and feels great.

    The 5/8 inch, ball cornered precision dice are far better than expected. If you’ve ever ordered precision dice from Zontik Games, Bello Games, or Gammon Village, you’re really missing out. These companies get precision dice in bulk and pull them randomly from bulk stock when an order is filled. The precision dice you receive from Crisloid are considered “certified perfect”. They are serial-numbered on the 6 face, assuring the two dice were made as a batch-pair. I chose opaque-white and transparent amber, as per Jimmy’s recommendation. I couldn’t be happier with how well these colors blend with the rest of the table.

    Lastly, the doubling cube. The 1.5” doubling cube is the perfect size for the table. It isn’t obtrusive, yet it’s commanding. I chose a white, square-cornered doubling cube with simple black numbers.

    We’ve had the table for a couple months now and couldn’t be happier. Our neighbors feel spoiled every time they come over for game night. This piece is worth the investment in my opinion. Thank you Crisloid for getting this right.

    – Dr. Sam

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