Happy Greek Independence Day!

Backgammon has been a staple in Greece for countless years. Players of all ages can be found playing this classic game together in homes, cafes, restaurants and more throughout the country.

In tandem with Greek Independence Day, we are proud to introduce Athena’s Backgammon as a celebration of Greek culture, history, and art. We’ve designed these canvas playing fields with a modern take on the ancient Greek columns for points, along with the Owl of Athena in the corners to guide you to victory.



For the finest in backgammon, shop our Signature Line. Each one of these sets is designed to be a piece of art wherever you decide to play it.

These Tournament sized backgammon sets all feature unique playing fields created by the Crisloid Design Team or in collaboration with various artists and designers and include premium accessories and materials.

One thought on “Happy Greek Independence Day!

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    Joanne Jeris says:

    Proud to be part of the Greek -American playing community and a Crisloid owner. Jimmy, you designed a beautiful board. Zito Hellas!

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