• Some say our checkers are just as beautiful

#solareclipse #backgammon #instagood
  • Might as well play a few games while waiting for the solar eclipse

#solareclipse #backgammon
  • #Focus
  • 'Merica
  • Hope all you fine folk got to enjoy one of these two pastimes this weekend.  #sundayfunday #crisloid
  • A little #tbt when this board went to two lucky little girls from one very special auntie/uncle pair we know and love.
  • To the men and women who have given their lives so that we may be free. ❤️ Happy Memorial Day Weekend, everyone.
  • When life gives you sunlight... take it.
  • So much love.
  • If you’re thinking “shoot there’s no time to create a custom heirloom piece like this one for delivery this weekend", we’ve still #gyb.  Crisloid has gift certificates.  Don’t screw this up.