Introducing the whimsical Trach/Bach Mahjong by Crisloid. From teens in Santa Monica to a new generation of celebrities, mahjong is undergoing a major renaissance and is back with a vengeance! What other game comes out with a whole new set of hands each year? Equal parts skill, strategy, and luck; it’s no longer just your Great Aunt Sylvia’s pastime, and the Trach/Bach Mahjong set will only add to mahjong’s growing popularity.

The Dragons

These dragon tiles are obsessed with hygiene. If you’ve heard a mahjong player refer to a soap tile, they’re talking about the White Dragon.

You’ll find the Green Dragon flossing his teeth, while the Red Dragon files his claws down.

Trach/Bach Mahjong Dragons
Trach/Bach Mahjong Winds

The Winds

The Trach/Bach Mahjong set will take you on a trip, with themes from every corner of the world.

The Flowers

Pick up a bouquet of eight different vibrantly hand-painted flower tiles, complete with complementary jewelry.

Trach/Bach Mahjong Flowers
Trach/Bach Mahjong Dots

The Dots

Trach/Bach Mahjong Cracks Vases

The Cracks

Trach/Bach Mahjong Bamboo Pandas

The Bamboos

Trach/Bach Mahjong Elephant Joker

The Joker

Our joker is a true multitasker — an elephant who can yoyo while rollerskating without batting an eye.

Along with the other tiles, this tile is the perfect reminder for us not to take life (or the game) too seriously.

The Story of Trach/Bach Mahjong

Renowned photographer and Emmy-award winning director Robert Trachtenberg learned to play mahjong two years ago. This quickly evolved into a weekly game with a group of rabid “mahj” enthusiasts. Between them, they have at least fifteen vintage sets— and a lot of Trachtenberg’s money. When he began searching for a set of his own, he soon learned that however beautiful, they were pretty much all variations on the standard theme.

Determined to create a one-of-a-kind mahjong set from scratch, Trachtenberg has reimagined every tile with wit, flair, and a riot of color. Collaborating closely with legendary illustrator Tom Bachtell (whose work has been featured in The New Yorker magazine for over twenty years) and the team here at Crisloid in a creative partnership, we’re sure you’ll love the result — a hand-painted, wildly original, inventive take on the classic game.

Crisloid is honored to have had a hand in making sets for Ten Flowers, Lowe, Royal, Cardinal, Eastern Distributors, Red Coin, and MJLA. Now we are excited to add Robert Trachtenberg and Tom Bachtell to our circle of collaborators.

Every set is handcrafted and proudly made in America.



  • 4 Racks (17 1/2″)
  • 3 Transparent Red Dice
  • 1 Wind Indicator
  • 152 Playing Tiles (1″ x 1 7/16″ x 7/16″)
  • 2 Spare Tiles


Available exclusively through Crisloid.