Dads & Grads Gift Guide 2018

Look no further for the perfect gift to show your appreciation! We’ve compiled a list of the Top 11 Gifts for Dads & Grads, full of classic board games they are sure to love. Call or email with any questions, please!

Top 11 Gifts for Dads & Grads

11. Crisloid Gift Certificate

Let your loved one pick or design the classic game set of their dreams. Available in the dollar amount of your choice, Crisloid Gift Certificates can be used for any of our products, as well as custom orders.

Give a Crisloid Gift certificate

10. Leather Dice Cups

Our leather dice cups add a touch of class to your game and finesse to your dice throw. Our Standard Leather Dice Cups are the perfect addition to your loved ones’ Tournament or Champion attaché backgammon set. Tabletop backgammon players and dice players of all sorts are raging about our large-and-in-charge leather dice cups, which gives their dice throw a whole new feeling. All of these cups feature a trip-lip, a must-have for competitive gaming.

Want to make it personal? We can engrave your cups to include a name, image, monogram, and more.


9. Imperial Cribbage Board

For many cribbage veterans, the sight of a cribbage board will bring back memories of all the good times you have had with this classic game. The Imperial is a durable, oversized hardwood cherry two-player game board.

$100 - Imperial Cribbage Board

8. Personalized Dominoes

Our double-six domino sets are one-of-a-kind. This completely handmade 28-piece set includes a custom tile that we personalize to make it the perfect gift.

These domino sets come packaged in the handsome Brooklyn Silver hand-wrapped box with production details about the set’s handcrafting etched into the underside of the box cover. The ivory resin tiles are classically proportioned and polished for smooth gameplay. To ensure their set stays complete, it includes two blank tiles that can be returned and machined to replace any lost pieces.

$175 - Dominoes by Crisloid

7. Classic Brown Tabletop Backgammon

When backgammon is a staple in your house, our tabletop sets are always ready for play. Our Classic Brown Tabletops have a sophisticated look that goes with just about any room’s decor. Featuring a stained solid wood frame with matching inlay. Complete with our new Crisloid doubling cube and brown and white marbled checkers, plastic dice cups, and dice.

$190 - Classic Brown Tournament tabletop $175 - Classic Brown Champion Tabletop

6. Classic Blue Attaché Backgammon

This briefcase-style backgammon set means business when it’s closed and all fun when it’s open. The blue will instantly remind you of the trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, and truth you have in your dad or grad. These backgammon sets feature our new Crisloid doubling cube (not shown), blue and white plastic dice cups, marbled checkers, and dice.

$225 - Classic Blue Tournament Attaché $200 - Classic Blue Champion Attaché

5. Brooklyn Slate Attaché Backgammon

Brooklyn Slate is year-after-year a best seller for Crisloid enthusiasts. This classic neutral-toned backgammon set boasts a masculine dark gray exterior. Inside, the black and white marbled checkers, points, and leather cups combine to make this an intimidating backgammon battlefield.

$275 - Brooklyn Slate Attaché Backgammon

4. Islander Attaché Backgammon

Celebrate summer together with Crisloid’s Islander Tournament Attaché. Featuring unique surfboard and wave design points, this board is sure to be the center of attention. The breathtaking marbled blue and sky checkers and matching pearl dice perfectly complement the blue manta ray shagreen exterior.

$375 - Islander Attaché backgammon

3. Legacy Hops Attaché Backgammon

Attache Legacy Hops snakeskin

We all know somebody who only wants the best. This is the backgammon set for them. Our Legacy Hops backgammon set features an olive faux-reptile exterior, a point design unique to the Legacy Series, chestnut leather trip-lip cups, pearl dice and doubling cube, and beautiful red and gold pearl checkers that have been grooved for easy movement.

$400 - Legacy Hops Attaché Backgammon

2. Fish Tale Attaché Backgammon

This set will follow you from early morning bass-fishing to late night backgammon, as you and your friends share your greatest fish tales. After traveling around the fields of fish with your friends, this new Signature Backgammon set is sure to have you hooked. Our Fish Tale backgammon set is a Tournament Attaché wrapped in a silvery faux reptile textile and includes Marbled Blue and exclusive Seafoam checkers.

Don’t let this be the one that got away.

$400 - Fish Tale Attaché Backgammon

1. Athena’s Backgammon Attaché

Newest to our Signature Line, Athena’s Backgammon bleeds blue ⎼ from its Classic Blue exterior onto the canvas playing fields, all the way to the pearl dice and checkers. The playing fields feature a modern take on the ancient Greek columns, along with the Owl of Athena (a symbol of wisdom) in the corners to guide you to victory.

$460 - Athena's Backgammon Attaché

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