Custom Story: Sharif’s Needlepoint

Croc Brown

This beautiful Backgammon set was a  special gift for a young man’s 21st birthday! Crisloid got an E-mail asking for a custom board on January 19th from Jane. We were happy to help her complete this amazing piece for her oldest son, Sharif. We took on this very touching request with the same precision and care that we knew had gone into making the needlepoint fields. Family means a lot to us, so Jane had made the right choice in picking Crisloid to help with this family gift.

Knowing I was helping support a USA family owned business with a legacy for quality and customer service made it that much more meaningful“. -Imad (Dad)

It was a fun experience seeing all the details and effort that go into each board“. -Adam (Sharif’s brother)

Crisloid Custom Story - Sharif Labban - Backgammon Board

Jane writes:

After taking 15 years to needlepoint the insets to a backgammon board, the next thing on my list to do was find someone that could build the frame. My oldest son was turning 21 and while he was growing up, we still always enjoyed playing board games together as a family. It seemed like this backgammon set would be a wonderful 21st birthday present. I was so happy to find Crisloid on-line. What I did not expect was that the actual interaction with Crisloid would become a truly special part of the gift for the whole family. Marci and the Crisloid staff were so helpful that their interest in making this a truly special gift quickly became obvious. We could have easily worked via e-mail and mailed the insets, but luckily, Crisloid was within driving distance and it was the perfect opportunity to take a little road trip. With my husband and youngest son in tow, we set out on our trip to Providence. My younger son was able to help pick out the coordinating colors, inscriptions, dice etc. Marci had a great eye for coordinating colors and great ideas. We were able to customize a board that was so personal. Another unexpected benefit was the memories created with our youngest son during our weekend trip and while spending time at the Crisloid facility and learning from Marci about the history of such a unique family owned business.

It was such a unique gift, personal to him and symbolic of wonderful family memories and time spent together. Everything you’d want a 21st birthday gift to be.”

Sharif’s response: 

I was so surprised at the gift my mom made for me. Seeing the dedication and love that went into making the board over such a long period of time meant the world to me. I’m really proud to have a mom that cares enough to plan so far ahead, and I try to show off my board as much as I can. It is really a special gift, one of the best that I have ever received for any occasion. I’m very much looking forward to years of playing backgammon with this gift, one that will always remind me of what a close and loving family I am lucky enough to have.”

It was a pleasure working with Jane and her family. Her visit was more than welcomed and they are welcome back any time!

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