Hugh Hefner, Backgammon Fanatic (1926-2017)

We at Crisloid would like to remember this important figure in the backgammon world. Hugh Hefner, of Playboy lore, was known for hosting backgammon parties at the Playboy Mansion and introducing many people to the game. Some of his last days were spent playing backgammon with his family. Hefner passed away in his sleep on […]

Player’s Privilege in Backgammon: Did James Bond Pull a Fast One?

If you’ve seen the James Bond classic Octopussy, you might be familiar with the term “player’s privilege” in backgammon. In this scene, James Bond (Roger Moore) is playing backgammon with the villain, Kamal Khan (Louis Jourdan). Khan is winning by using loaded dice that roll 6-6 when he switches them into the game. On the last […]

TAVLI Greek Vase Backgammon Set

Take a look at this custom Tournament Attaché backgammon set we built for two Greek siblings. Inspired by the vases of ancient Greece, this backgammon set features archival canvas playing fields with Hellenic styled filigree shown throughout. It’s All Greek to Me! These custom bumpers also feature a phrase attributed to Julius Caesar as he led […]

Introducing the Newport Master Table

Crisloid is proud to introduce the first of our gaming tables. Crafted from beautiful hardwood cherry harvested in the Eastern United States, this high-quality gaming table combined with Crisloid’s handmade checkers and accessories are a gorgeous addition to any home. Our custom design options make it easy to match your style and create a space […]

Our Top 10 Gift List 2016

Having trouble finding the perfect Christmas gift? Are you buying for the person who seems to have everything? We’ve put together our top 10 gift list from stocking stuffers to gifts that’ll be remembered for a lifetime.   Under $20 10. Pearlescent Dice Perfect for all game enthusiasts, our dice will give their roll a whole new look. […]

Roman Gladiator Backgammon

Take a guess in our comments section. Read through for the answer! One day, a customer inquired about a backgammon board with a Roman gladiator motif and knew exactly what he had in mind. Jimmy and Craig worked together on this design until it was the board he dreamed of. Featuring a point design with the Roman […]